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Riverside Methodist Men

Methodist Men is an organization of men committed to God and dedicated to the work and teaching of Jesus Christ, joined in fellowship as we serve others within and around our church family and throughout the community.  Riverside Methodist Men is open to all men in our church.  Consider attending one of our events this year.  We welcome any man who would like to be included in this fellowship.  We meet throughout the year for fellowship, dinner and programs.  We sponsor special events for the church family and provide outreach to the community.

Aluminum Can Recycling


Did you know that the UMM collects and recycles aluminum cans?  Some come from the church pop machine, but most are dropped off by church members.  Since 2021, we raised over $200 from redemptions in both Iowa and Illinois.  Since we must sort the cans, we ask that they be rinsed and free of debris.  Bugs, flies and dirt are attracted to the sweet residue in cans if they are not rinsed.  We ask that you assist us to improve the sorting process.  There are containers in Peterson Hall for dropping off the cans.  Thank you for your support.

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