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Past Worship Services

March 2024 Services

March 31, 2024  Easter Sunday

John 20:1-18

"He did it for me, He rose"

Speaker:  James Fielder

March 24, 2024    Palm Sunday

Mark 11:1-11

"Blessed is the One Who Comes in the Name of the Lord"

Speaker:  James Fielder

March 17, 2024

John 12:20-33

"He did it for me, He paved the way"

Speaker:  James Fielder

March 10, 2024

John 3:14-21

"He Did it for Me: He gave me Eternal Life"

Speaker:  James Fielder

March 3, 2024

John 2:13-22 March 3

"He did it for me. He overturned the tables"

Speaker:  James Fielder

This service is unavailable

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