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intergenerational Programs

Wednesday Nite Alive !

We are excited about launching Wednesday Night Alive this fall, beginning September 20! 
Join the Riverside family for food, fellowship, learning and activities for all ages.  Let's get to know each other and share in fellowship.  Family, friends and neighbors are invited.  Come for one or more activities.


5:15 PM - Meal served in Peterson Hall (Come when able)

5:40 PM - Worship/Fellowship Time in Peterson Hall

6:00 PM - Small Groups and Activities:

                 Nursery (Room 206-Main Floor)

                 Children's Group (Room 205 - Main Floor)

                 Youth Group (Room 104- Basement)

                 Oasis Class (Room 204 - Main Floor)

                 SHAPE Class (TBA)

                 Bell Choir Practice (Room 106 - Basement)

7:00 PM - Choir Practice (Room 102 - Basement)

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