A Message from
Pastor Bill Adams

If you don’t know by now either you don’t pay attention to the rumor mill or you are just a bit outside the loop. I (pastor Bill Adams) will be retiring as your pastor at the end of this year, December 31. This is the only move I am able to control as a United Methodist pastor and I still had to ask for permission from the Bishop.


First, I want to tell you why. I am 66 years old. My Social Security can begin in December of this year. The past few years, Covid Pandemic years, have been the hardest and most exhausting of my career. With health scares for both Cindy, and myself, we have reevaluated some of our priorities and wish to spend much more time with each other.


I have enjoyed all my years in ministry. I have been happy to be the lead pastor at Moline Riverside UMC for the past six and a half years. During that time, we have all weathered some of the most dramatic changes in ministry the modern church has ever seen. It has always been my goal to prepare the members of the church to follow more closely the will of God, to seek out where Jesus is already working and to join him in his ministry of creating God’s kingdom on earth.


Cindy and I have made many friends here and we love you all. I have baptized a few, married a few and spoken words of comfort, love, and God’s grace and mercy over many who have passed from this life to the next. It has been my privilege to serve as your pastor these past years.


What does this mean for Riverside moving forward? Our district Superintendent, Mike Crawford, has already met with our staff parish team and select leaders of the church. Rev. Dr. Roger Ross has been selected as Riverside’s interim pastor. Roger will

serve Riverside at three-quarters time for the first six months of 2023 while he continues to coach and consult one-quarter time through Spiritual Leadership, Inc.  In July, a full-time pastor will begin serving here by appointment of the Bishop. You will probably hear more about that in the early part of next year.


I want you all to understand something about Riverside. You are among the top churches in the Conference. We continue to be financially stable, always pay our full apportionment, are innovative and active in mission and ministry, and considered an anchor of the Conference’s presence in the Quad City area.


However, all of this requires a great deal of prayer. Continue to pray for Riverside, for our mission, for God’s presence, for our pastors and staff, and that we continue to reach people with the love of God in Jesus Christ.